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Josh Mariana Photography * Custom Hand-Made Finao ONE™ 12″x12″ Heirloom Wedding Album

November 18th, 2011 by

So what is the point of hiring a high-end, unbelievably attractive wedding photographer like Josh Mariana if you’re not going to do something high-end and incredibly attractive with the photos? Well I certainly understand that financial considerations always play a key factor in decisions like these. A wedding is such an expensive endeavor to begin with, it can be hard to justify the added expense of a custom heirloom wedding album. Especially with some of these products costing well into the $1k range.

Well fear not! The Comprehensive Package offered @ Josh Mariana Photography includes a heavily discounted custom Finao ONE™ 12″x12″ (yes, that is a full square foot of amazingness!!). I love every opportunity I get to sit down with potential clients and talk about my style and everything that goes along with hiring me to make their wedding photos. One of the most fun aspects of these meetings is showing them samples of my albums and watching their response. You can’t help but get a huge cheesy smile on your face! (more…)

Bang! Josh Mariana Photography

January 14th, 2011 by

I figured an appropriate way to ring in the new year and introduce my new blog was to make some noise (hence the Bang!) and unveil Josh Mariana Photography’s first promotion. We’ll talk about the freebies soon enough but before I get more than a couple of sentences into this I want to post my first photo as this is, after all, a photography blog! (more…)