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Milo * 2012 Super Adorable Infant Photography

My brother Jeremy is a Master Stylist @ Geno Levi Salon in McMurray. He has an extensive client roster and sends me bridal referrals on a regular basis. He also has two beautiful children and displays photos and albums at his work station that I’ve done for them. This results in a unique opportunity for those clients of his that have children to see first-hand the style and quality of my work with babies and children.

Kelly is a long time client of Jeremy’s and as her pregnancy progressed she and Jeremy discussed the photos on display. After checking out additional work on my website, Kelly and husband Sishir decided that my style was exactly what they were looking for. They contacted me and booked a tentative session for shortly after the babies’ due date. Milo came in perfect timing and the whole family came into the studio nine days after his birth.

As usual we made some classic photos with dramatic lighting on black, then switched things up to work with some more modern stylings and props. Sishir’s nickname is Brown Bear so we of course had to get some “cub” shots! While I don’t typically do much with trendy props I have to say Kelly did a great job picking out a couple of great bow ties and hats to work with! I have never seen a 9-day old infant so attentive to the camera…at a few different times he was really following me around as I moved into different positions. It was incredible how many shots we ended up with of him not only looking right at the camera, but seemingly striking different looks as we went!

This was the first infant session in our new house, and it was great having more space and light to work with than previously. It was a pleasure and an honor to spend some time with Milo and his parents as I broke in the new space. I look forward to photographing this young man as he continues to grow and grow! Please enjoy a sampling of the final gallery:













Thanks Kelly & Sishir, Milo is a gentleman and was a treat to photograph!!


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